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What To Expect In Your Weekly CSA Bag:

We pack your bags with what is ready to harvest! This means each bag will be different from the one before. 

Here's the breakdown on how we prepare your bag each week:
Tues & Weds- Harvest ready produce
Thurs- Pack CSA bags
Fri & Sat- Deliver bags

You can't get any fresher than that! Sometimes you will notice in your newsletter that there are items listed that may not be in your box. There's an easy explanation for that! We "guess" what will be ready the Friday before your bag is packed and prepare the newsletter. Sometimes something we thought would be ready needs a little more time to grow and we may substitute another type of produce to be packed into your bag. We try to always update our Tiny's FaceBook page with last minute changes!

ALL FRUIT - up to 22 servings of our delicious fruit!

DOUBLE FRUIT- up to 44 servings of our organic fruit!
We grow over 60 different varieties of organic fruit at the Tiny's farm!
Need help signing up or have a question about our fruit bags? Call or email  Mia at the Tiny's farm! mia@tinysorganic.com 206.856.0620
                    Shamrock Apples
               20th Century Asian Pears
Peach Varieties